How to find best Eid gift in your budget

Whether it is a birthday, Eid ul fitr 2019, your anniversary or another special occasion, determining the ideal gift for your spouse can be extremely difficult. Your desire to give your husband or wife the perfect gift will have you paying very close attention to what they are saying, what they are looking at online, and what they are talking about with their friends or on their social media sites. It almost seems like it take some major detective work by you. The key to this whole problem is that the perfect gift is not necessarily the one that you think would be ideal for your spouse, but rather the gift that your spouse thinks is perfect. Here are a few helpful tips that could help steer you in the right direction to finding that elusive perfect gift.

The Type of Gift

One important thing to consider when trying to find the perfect gift for your spouse is the type of gift you think they would appreciate most. Are they the type that prefers tangible gifts that you can wrap up in a box and surprise them with? Or, are they more into gifts that make their time more enjoyable things like a weekend retreat, a day spent at a spa or perhaps just a date night without the children in tow. Once you determine the type of gift you think they would appreciate most, it can help narrow down your options.

Size Matters

We are not talking about the size of the gift, but rather knowing your spouses sizes with regard to clothing and shoes. If you are thinking of going this route with your gift, then make sure you know the sizes before you go shopping. Take some time to peruse items in your spouse’s closet to get a better understanding of this.

Draw On Your Experience

It is important to not try and reinvent the wheel with your gift ideas. You have obviously spent a lot of time with your spouse and have shared many experiences. Draw upon those experiences to understand what excites your spouse and what makes them happy. This can really help you start coming up with creative gift ideas that your spouse will love. This can be a great time to roll out the inside jokes if you want to do a fun gift. When you go on a trip, secretly buy a few things to help your spouse remember the trip and give that as a gift later on. Little surprises like this, can make an absolutely great gift for any spouse!


This one is pretty obvious, but if you know your budget beforehand you can definitely narrow down your gift options simply by cost. You don’t want to go into crippling debt for a special gift. There are plenty of ideas that can fit your budget. You don’t need to be rich to give great gifts. Remember to be creative.


A wonderful gift idea for a spouse is a collection of memories. Perhaps a digitally printed photo book recapping some of your special memories spent together. Or maybe you will opt for a large framed photo of your family.

The bottom line

No matter what you end up getting for your spouse, make sure that you have put plenty of thought and care into your gift. You don’t need to buy your spouse the world, but you can make your spouse the happiest person alive by simply giving them something that shows that you are giving yourself to them and the relationship. Never underestimate a personal gift, one that has meaning, memories, and love.

Juma Tul Wida 2019 Quotes

Juma Tul Wida Quotes, Images, Wishes, Greetings, Pictures : There are millions of festivals which constitute a year, each day someone somewhere is celebrating a festival related to some story, these stories which made up a festival are inspiring and there’s some beautiful moral hidden in them, so the meaning of my saying this all is that one must celebrate festivals and remember all the good things legendary people did and follow their steps to be useful to mankind and nature. So here we are going to provide you some of the best data for sharing on social media sites like Juma Tul Wida Ramadan mubarak pictures quotes hd wallpapers hd images messages sms Eid ul adha wishes greetings for kids adults mobile phones computer screen desktop.

Juma Tul Wida Images

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Juma Tul Wida Quotes, Greetings, Wishes, SMS, Messages

Ya ALLAH Our Sins Are So Many
But Your Mercy Is Limitless
Plz Forgive Us
You Are The Greatest Forgiver
You Love To Forgive
Plz Forgive me,
my Parents,
my Family
And The Whole Muslim Ummah Past & Present
Aamin – SumAmeen
Jumma-tul-wida Mubarak

Mein jaraha hon per aap upset na ho,
Main phir aaounga ek saal baad isi tarhan
Rehmatain,Barkatain,Naikiyan, Khushiyan,
Phir le ker aaounga
Q k
I’m Ramadan Al-widah
Jumma Tul Wida

The Most Sacred Day
With Countless Blessings
And Mercies of Allah.
May This Juma
Lighten Your Life With
Teachings Of Islam and
Protect You From Calamity
Have a Blessed Friday ..
Juma tul Wida Mubarak –

EID Mubarak 2019 SMS in Hindi

Are you looking for EID Mubarak 2019 SMS to greet your friends and family on the auspicious occasion of EID? If yes, then you are at the right place, this site presents you the best EID Mubarak SMS in Hindi so that you can greet your loved ones this EID.

What is EID Mubarak Meaning?

Muslims greet each other sending EID Mubarak SMS in hindi to friends and family on the occasion of EID 2014 which is celebrated after fasting for 29 or 30 days.

So here we present the list of best EID mubarak sms in hindi. You can copy and send those EID mubarak sms to your friends and family.


Without wasting further time, lets see the best collection of EID mubarak sms in hindi.

EID Mubarak SMS in Hindi

Aey Chand, tu unko mera paigam kah dena …

Khushi ka din aur hansi ki shaam dena …
Jab wo dekhe tujhe bahar aakar …
Unko meri taraf se EID mubarak kah dena !!!

Zindagi ka har pal khushiyon se kam na ho aapka
Har din EID ke din se kam na ho aap ka
EID Mubarak !!!

Dekho chand aaya nazar …
Mubarak ho aap sab ko EID-ul-fitr !!!

Raushan raushan din ho saara, raushan bhar ho raat …
Har jeb say ho EID ke din, khushiyon ki barsaat …
EID Mubarak !!!

EID lekar aati hai dher saari khushiyan …
EID mita deti hai aapas merin dooriyan …
EID Mubarak ho aap sabko !!!

Momin ka har wo din EID ka din hai jab usse koi gunah na ho …
EID Mubarak !!!

Sada hanste raho jaise hanste hai phool …
Duniya ke saare gham tumhe jaaye bhool …
Charon taraf phailao khushiyon ke geet …
Isi ummeed ke saath tumhe
mubarak ho EID !!!

Khushiyon se bhari …
Phoolon se dhaki …
Rangon se saji …
Mubarak ho tumko EID !!!

EID mubarak ho aapko …
Khoob khushiyaan mile aapko …
Par jab EIDI mile aapko to sirf yaad karna humko !!!

Which is your favorite EID Mubarak SMS in Hindi?

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Eid ul Fitr Mubarak Celebration

Its Eid today, Almost all of us are celebrating Eid al fitr 2016 with our families. But you may want to know more about Eid festival which adds to your knowledge about eid mubarak 2016 celebration. So we are here to tell you more about it.

Eid Mubarak 2016 is a festival of breaking of fast also known as carnival of breaking the fast . Eid is single day where muslims are not permitted to fast. Shawwal the first day of EID falls on first day of month,and then further variation depends upon the observation of new moon by local religious authorities. Muslims believe that there fast should continue till the last day of ramadan. Eid-al-fitr starts with fast breaking eid and ends with sugar feast.

Why Eid is celebrated?


Happy Eid mubarak was basically originated by Islamic Prophet Muhammad,some report says that these festivals were brought into Medina after migration of prophet.Many report also portrays story as after arrival of prophet in madinah,he observed people celebrating two specific days in which they would entertain themselves.On asking about the nature he got to know that these days were for fun .On this prophet commentated almighty has fixed two days for festivals.Like all festivals eid mubarak 2016 is also a ways to show respect and gratitude towards god.

Where Eid is Celebrated?


Eid Mubarak 2016 is celebrated by islamic population,which is the most in the world ,so you won’t be amazed to know that Eid is celebrated from middle eastern countries till southeast asian countries including central and south asia.

Eid in America, especially in New York, bringing Muslims from diverse cultural backgrounds and unite in an open and supportive atmosphere. This is also the time that Muslim Americans can remember their religious beliefs and cultural identity as a Muslim and American. Prayers and parties easily unite Muslims of different backgrounds and cultures. Some mosques and cultural centers have extended hours of prayer for migrants in big cities.

In South Asia, there is much to celebrate, but not always enough. So the party starts even a day before the actual Eid in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Chand Raat, which means “Moon Night” is a day of great preparation, such as South Asia enjoy their last minute shopping for Eid al-market department stores and shopping malls. The girls wear colorful bangles and mehndi known yet to draw henna on her hands.

How Eid is celebrated?


Eid-Al-Fitr falls on first day of shawwal,the month which follows Ramadan in the islamic calendar.During the month of Ramadan intense spiritual activity can be observed by muslims.
Eid al Fitr is know an event of joy and much proportions of muslims indulge in charitable activities and seeking for blessings.

Each Muslim family is determine to donate something to poor, during last few days of Ramadan.Donation can be eatables or any commodity of use.This is known as Sadaqah al-fitr(charity of fast breaking).On the day of Eid muslims can be observed doing prayers and spiritual acts outside mosques.This consist of preaching.

After this muslims would scatter ,spreading positive feelings love and blessings and would make phone calls to relatives for wishing .These activities would continues for 3 days and a declared as public holiday.

Hope you liked it, Please do check this blog for more information about Eid Mubarak Images,Eid Mubarak Wishes, Eid Mubarak Pic, Eid Mubarak Messages, Eid Mubarak Pictures and other ways of wishing Eid mubarak 2016 to your near ones.

Eid ul fitr Mubarak 2019 wishes

Eid Mubarak 2019 wishes – Eid al-Fitr marks the end of 30 days of fasting by Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. The fast ends with a celebratory observance – Eid al-Fitr, which means ‘The Feast of Fast-breaking.”

Eid is coming and its time to cherish your near and dear once with sweet greetings of Eid-ul-fitr. Eid is special day for muslim community from all over the world. Eid is celebrated after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. This year Eid is observe on 19th July.  On this occasion muslim people prepares a special meal for their friends and family and celebrate this festival with lots of joy and happiness. Eid is celebrated 2 times in a year, first one is after the Ramadan month end which is called Eid-Ul-Fitr and second is celebrated during the month of Dhu al- Hijjah or two months after and the festivity is called Eid U Adha. Coming back to Eid-ul-fitr, it is believed that all the gates to hell is closed and heaven’s gate are open that’s why Ramadan month is known as the holy month. In this month muslim people do all right work for themselves and for their family. If you are looking for Eid Quotes and Wishes, then this place is just the right one for you. below in this article you will get Eid wishes along with images.

Here we have compiled some Eid Muabrak quotes and messages that you can share on Eid al-Fitr as you greet your loved ones with Eid Mubarak.


Eid Mubarak 2019 Wishes for Eid al-Fitr Card Greetings

Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated on the first day of the month of Shawwal after moon-sighting, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. On the day of Eid al-Fitr, mass prayers are held at mosques, following which Muslims greet each other, saying ‘Eid Mubarak’. The festival is celebrated with enthusiasm by Muslims around the world. Check out Eid Mubarak Quotes below.


May the Blessing of ALLAH Fill your life with happiness and open all doors of success now and always. EID MUBARAK

Earth can forget rotating, Bird can forget flying, Candle can forget melting, Heart can forget beating but I’ll never forget to wish You . Happy Eid  Mubarak

May Allah accept our fast and continues to shower His blessings throughout the year infact throughout life, Ameen! Wish you all a very Happy Eid Mubarak!

All the loving wishes for you today to bring much happiness your way. Eid Greetings

My well wishes, my good wishes for you are the just prayers for your long happy life from God on this noble event. Wish you a very Happy Eid

Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words: E: Embrace with open heart I: Inspire with impressive attitude, D: Distribute pleasure to all.

I am wishing you good health, happiness and fulfillment in this holy celebration. May Allah grant you His wisdom and blessings.

I wish you the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of his love at Eid and always.

Today I Pray That:Happiness Stays At Your Door; May It Knock Early And Stay Late; And Leave The Gift Of Allah’S Love; Peace, Joy And Good Health Behind! Best Wishes For A Happy Eid!