Eid al Adha Greetings 2019

Bakra Eid Greetings / Eid al Adha Greetings 2019 : Eid ul Adha or Eid al Adha which is also known as Bakrid or Bakra Eid is one of the two important Festival for Muslims all around the world.It is celebrated because of willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) to sacrifice his son Ismail at the behest of Allah.On this day Muslims give Qurbani/Sacrifice of Animals like Goat,Camel etc and the qurbani is split among three parts one is for the poor and needy one is for the neighbours and relatives and one is for ourselves. Eid al Adha 2019 falls on august 21 to august 23 in some countries.

On this Day,Everyone Offers Prayer at the Local Masjid or Eidgahs (A Big open Space where eid prayer is offered) and then people gather at homes with their families and have Lunch and wish each other Happy Eid al Adha. If there isn’t a family member at our homes during Eid,People Convery Eid Regards on Phone. If you want to wish or greet someone who lives miles away from your home on eid. You can choose from our collection of Eid ul Adha Greetings

Bakra Eid Greetings / Eid al Adha Greetings 2019

Bakra Eid Greetings In Hindi / Eid al Adha Greetings In Hindi

Nazar ka chai dil ka suroor hotay hain,kuch aise log jahan main zaroor hotay hain, sada chamakta rahay unki EID ka tehwaar, qareeb reh kay bhi hum se jo dor hotay hain.
Wishing you Happy EID ul Adha Mubarak
I know ye jaldi hai, par kya karon bahut sare sweet, young dashing, Smart friends ko wish karna hai.
socha pehle . .  BUZURGO ko nipta dun.
Aaj Khuda ki hum par ho Meharbani
Karde maaf hum logo ki saari Nafarmani.
Eid Ka din hai aaj, aao milke kare yahi wada.
Khuda ki hi rahon mai hum chalange sada.

Bakra Eid Greetings In English / Eid Ul Adha Greetings In English

Happy Bakra Eid Mubarak to everyone. May you all have a very happy and blessed Eid. Enjoy these amazing days and remember those who need our help.
Eid ul Adha Mubarak. May Allah blessings be with you today, tomorrow and always.
I hope you enjoy each and every moment of it. May God accept our fasts and prayers. Eid Al Adha Mubarak
May this special day brings peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone. Eid ul Adha Mubarak!
On Eid Al Adha, I pray that Allah’s choicest blessings and love be showered upon you.
On Eid Al Adha, I wish you a joyous celebration and showers of Allah’s blessings.
May Allah’s blessings be showered on you on this Eid al Adha!
On Eid Al Adha, wish that Allah’s blessings light up the path and lead to happiness, peace and success. Happy Eid al Adha Mubarak
I wish you the gift of faith, the blessing of hope, and the peace of his love at Eid and always.
May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and sins, and ease the suffering of all people around the globe. Happy Eid ul Adha Mubarak
My well wishes, my good wishes for you are the just prayers for your long happy life from God on this noble event. Wish you a very Happy Bakra Eid Mubarak, my dear.
May the day delight and the moments measure all the special joys for all of you to treasure. May the year ahead be fruitful too, for your home and family and especially for you. Happy Bakra Eid Mubarak To You!

Bakra Eid Mubarak Greetings Images / Eid Ul Adha Greetings Images

Bakra Eid HD Images

 Bakra Eid Mubarak

Bakra Eid Mubarak
Bakra Eid Mubarak
Eid ul Adha Greetings

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